Young or Old, its never to late to learn Piano

I help my students develop their musical potential in the most creative and expressive way, through piano playing. I believe that one of the major reasons for taking piano lessons is to learn to appreciate and love music, to widen one's experiences in the process of musical study and to express one's inner emotions through the act of playing. This experience opens up new dimensions for both the teacher and student.

In working with my students, I hope to bring forth their inner joy and passion for music, and to help them become capable of expressing themselves through the language of music. Also, I believe that our achievements are not confined by our "talents" but rather depend on how we approach our work, how we organize ourselves and how we perceive our experiences altogether. I would hope to creatively explore the realm of music (and piano playing) with my students in an atmosphere of explorative and creative inquiry.

In my teaching, I attempt to

1) provide a comprehensive and artistically-based musical training for students of all levels and ages (age 3 and above) Technique and dexterity are fundamentally developed as a means for communicating aesthetic and musical artistry

(2) Approach is individually and creatively based - based upon the unique needs and aspirations of the student

(3) Activities involved in musical training are unique, dynamic, creative and inspiring (for all ages and levels)

(4) Help individuals bridge the transition between the amateur pianist and the professional musician

(5) Develop students' ability in critiquing their own practice and performances

(6) Emphasizes on the importance of musicianship.