These are my aims for piano/keyboard lessons

To provide focused, weekly  one-to-one tuition in a relaxed learning atmosphere. I do not run a ‘school’ and I’m known to all my pupils by my first name.

To teach pupils how to read music. Some pupils begin with a knowledge of Treble Clef notes learnt through playing another instrument, but playing the piano/ keyboard requires a knowledge of the Bass Clef.

To ensure that pupils have a sound basic knowledge of the theory of music, e.g. note values, time signatures.

To help pupils enjoy making music and to encourage any inclination towards composition (i.e. making up their own tunes) and ‘picking out’ tunes heard in everyday life.

To enable pupils to achieve their potential at their own learning pace.

To keep parents informed of their children’s progress.

To complement the pupils’ experience of music within the school curriculum