Theirs something for the whole family at Church Farm 


Heated indoor pool

Our indoor heated pool is free for everyone to use. It's open every day, come rain or shine. There is a paddling area for toddlers and to top it off we also run a great variety of water activities for everyone from tots to adults. Fun for all is guaranteed. All we ask is that kids under eight and non-swimmers under 14 bring along an adult. Don’t forget your arm bands and goggles — and let’s make a splash!

Heated outdoor pool

We know you’re brave cookies but we know you’d much prefer to dip your toes into a lovely heated swimming pool. So we’ve made sure that our outdoor pool is at just the right temperature for you. Why not enjoy a few lengths in the British summer weather (open from 22 May until the end of August, weather permitting)? If we’re lucky to have hot weather earlier on in the season, we’ll try our best to open earlier too. Bring along the whole family, because all kids under eight and non-swimmers under 14 need to be with an adult. Grab your towels and sun-cream and sink yourself into our warm waters.

Happy Kids, Happy You

Our kids’ clubs are here to help you keep your kids entertained. Don’t worry if they’re a bit shy. Our FunStars will soon get your youngsters playing happily with other kids of their age. That’s the other thing we do, we provide four exclusive clubs, for kids of different ages, with activities and games that are suitable for them. And whilst they’re enjoying their play days, you can mingle with the other parents or even join in if you’re up for it.

Seaside Squad Alert 

Say hello to Greedy, Ned, Rory, Bradley, Polly and Anxious - also known as our Seaside Squad. Join them for the good times at Ned's Non Starty Party, Character Sports Day, Polly's Swim a Song - and so much more!


You can count on the FunStars to keep your family entertained every day of your holiday. When you arrive we'll give you a guide to all the fun family activities we have on each morning, afternoon and evening of your holiday.

Evening Entertainment at Church Farm

After a day outdoors, it feels great to scrub off the sand and put on your party clothes. Our evening entertainment features music, laughter and downright silliness for the whole family. The night start (and ends!) with our FunStars. They host wacky quizzes and games and star in lively musical numbers like our very own MusiKids show. On some nights they'll introduce bands, live artists, celebrities such as Gareth Gates and comedians - including some real showstoppers. Your kids can stay up as late as you like. So get ready to clap, sing and have a giggle - together!

Outdoor Activities

And get a piece of the action. Ever seen Grandad with a bow and arrow? You soon will! We offer fun activities for every age – yes, even archery and fencing. And best of all, you can all learn together. So, go on, get in some family target practice. For freewheelin' days hire some bikes or a kart and pedal around the park, get together for a round of golf on our 9-hole course, or practise your football and tennis skills. Plus, if it rains, we can run some of our sessions indoors.